shh...sape tuh..??!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Im free n0w...!

Assalamualaikum bl0ggerlici0us semue....

Im back!! Shortly, i just want u 0ll kn0e dat im free n0w..!! 
 free from what?? Can u guess what.. 
Ok2..let me tell you..xcelly,
im done my study in degree in marketing...
 Alhamdulillah.. syukur.. this n0vember im officially graduated!
 Thanks Ya Allah..Give me a great opportunity to study here at Uitm.. 
I would like to thanks to 0ll wh0 supp0rt me fr0m the beginning until the end.. Thanks mama, mak, abah, and all my family and n0t f0rget to all my frens, lecturer2....
 Only Allah can reply 0ll your kinds... 

p/s: after job hunter pulak...wish me luck guys!